Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 3

2 soy sausage patties
coffee with NF milk

2 cups air popped popcorn
5 grapes
1 small brownie square
coffee with 2 creamers

Whole Grain Lean Pocket

2 Lemongrass Chicken Stix

5 potato chips
1/3 smoked turkey leg
1/2 c. fried onion with ranch
1 pickle
1 Boddington's

Fair food is definitely a challenge. I tried really hard to keep myself in check there, but I ended up coming home hungry. I may have to have a snack before too long.

As a rule, the evening hours seem to be a challenge for me. It's something I will have to continue to work on. On a positive note, at least some of my fair calories should be negated thanks to the 2+ hours we walked around while consuming them.

Day 2

Large coffee (2 creamers)

2 string cheese
1 c. cantaloupe
1 c. grapes

Santa Fe Style Caesar Salad

Chocolate Malt Muscle Milk

1/2 Venti Coffee with NF Milk

Burrito Supreme

I ended up having a second snack this day because I was getting my hair done and it went WAY late. I really need to plan better for days like this so that I don't get caught starving with bad choices.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day One

Coffee with Splenda
1/2 c. oatmeal
3 egg whites

16 oz. coffee with FF milk
1 reduced fat string cheese

Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos (minus 1 tortilla per taco)

High Protein/Low Carb Drink

Roasted pork
1/2 c. rice
1 slice fried banana
2 bites tamale

Visit with the Dietician

There weren't really any surprises when I met with the dietician yesterday other than the fact that none of the goals she set for me have to do with numbers on the scale. They were:

1. Read food labels for total carbohydrates - meals should have no more than 30-45 grams, snacks should be about 15 grams

2. Include protein with every meal/snack - 2 oz at breakfast, 4-5 ounces at lunch and dinner

3. Eat about 5 servings a day of fruits and veggies

4. Avoid long periods of time with no eating - pack a snack in diaper bag, purse, and car for emergencies

That was it. And I see her again in a month. I was also given the book shown above as a quick reference on portion sizes for various foods.

We talked A LOT about how important it is to get my own eating under control as Joey is transitioning to table food. We touched on planning and talked a little about my hypoglycemic tendencies. She asked that I keep a food journal that I email her at the end of each week just so I can have some accountability and she can give me tips if there are places where I seem off track.

Sounds easy enough, right? I start today.